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ChemFAST Sharp

ChemFAST Sharp are total exhaust chemical fume cupboards working at Variable Air Volume technology (VAV), which regulates the volume of exhausted air depending upon the opening of the sliding front door.

ChemFAST Sharp complies with the requirements of EN 14175: Laboratory Fume Cupboards Part 3-6: Specification for safety and performance

ChemFAST Sharp assures flexibility, safety and user friendliness and represents the ideal solution for chemical labs thanks to a combination of high standards of protection for the operator with a reduced air consumption. It prevents the risk of chemical agents, vapors and aerosols contamination, during normal routine laboratory work.

Customized option for handling strong acids at high temperatures: ChemFAST Sharp with Ceramic work surface, internal coating with ceramic panels in Monolite IPERGRES which does not affect the aeraulic performance.

Customized option for handling hydrofluoric acid: ChemFAST Sharp with Polypropylene work surface, internal coating with Polypropylene panels which do not affect the aeraulic performance.

principio funzionamento SHARPThe operation of the ChemFAST Sharp is based on the principle of a variable flow vented system in which the air is taken in from the outside, through the front opening, then it passes to the level of the worktop from where the contaminant is removed through the above-mentioned flow of air towards the top of the hood.

The air is taken in by a remote fan, usually located in another room and connected to the hood by means of an extraction system formed by several meters of pipes. 

The air is sent back inside at a high speed in order to guarantee a barrier that contains the potentially harmful substances inside. 

A high ambient air exchange is used to guarantee a continuous passage of air on the front of the hood as normally used on the biological hoods, the quantity of air vented is proportional to the opening of the front glass, so there is a system control that regulates the speed of the extraction motor based on the opening of the sliding sash. 

The front speeds will therefore be variable between 0.3 m/s and 0.7 m/s and the operating flow rates will consequently be those of a variable flow system. According to the work carried out under the hood, it is



More energy savings. The air conditioning consumption of ChemFAST Sharp in conditions of work (with the latch to 500mm) is exactly that of a Constant Air Volume hood, like ChemFAST Classic. Savings are possible if the operator carefully lowers the latch when he is not in front of the hood. This way, the anemometer sends a signal to the hood control unit that will slow down the frequency of the inverter which in turn will allow the electro-aspirator to reduce the revolutions,  limiting the volumes of air expulsion.

More safety. The operator can choose the most suitable velcities for the removal of the various contaminants upon the opening of the sliding front door.

More precision. A real anemometer registers  flow rates and air velocities with extreme accuracy.

Optimized energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions in environment thanks to Controlling System: the microprocessor uses the latest innovative methods of integrated management of all the main ventilation functions, it self-regulates all the main components of the system, compensating the pressure drop and restoring the balance of power.

Ergonomics. Plenty of space beneath the cabinet for a ventilated safety box for the storage of reagents and opportunity to work sitting on a chair.

Easy connection to an existing engine, considering also the need to install filters groups. Basically they can work independently using an existing ducting system (after evaluation of the total air flow rates).

Silent operation: the plenum, the hood structures and the software itself, are designed to provide optimal air management features, ensure silent operation of this safety device, with sound pressure levels recorded

Antibacterial coating: Dupont ™ ALESTA® anti-bacterial is able to prevent microbial contamination of surfaces inhibiting in that way the long-term growth surface contamination.

Compartments under the hood. It is possible to install safety storage cabinets under the hood, since the central space is not taken up by something else, or you can opt for a different solution and have classic or vented cabinets with wheels that are easy to open and close.

Electrical, hydraulic and gas utilities are concentrated on one shoulder of the hood. Electric utilities can be placed inside the hood, as we offer IP66 plug-in sockets, increasing the capacity from 4 sockets to 8 sockets (4 internal and 4 external). Up to 8 controls or alternatively 4 pressure reducers can be installed.

Automatic safety fittings for gas and vacuum and standard electrical sockets in each model and for each size. Internal and external IP 66 protection.

Lighting:  the positioning and sizing of the side safety windows provide the highest level of brightness to the work area and create an ideal lighting system.




ChemFAST Sharp hoods do not have the filters as standard, but can be supplied with external filtering groups downstream of the ducted system. 

The filters provided can be charcoal or HEPA depending on the type of application that is carried out inside the hood.

Extract fan. (Optional)