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Microbiological safety cabinets

Microbiological safety cabinets

Full range of biosafety cabinets providing operator, environmental and product protection.
Ultra low Freezer

Ultra-low freezers

Upright and chest -86° Ultra-Low Freezers adopted in the scientific and health research field.
citotoxic safety cabinets

Cytotoxic solutions

Cabinets for preparation and handling of cytotoxic drugs and antineoplastic chemotherapeutics.
laminar airflow cabinets

Laminar airflow cabinets

Vertical/horizontal laminar cabinets for guarantee and mantein excellent product protection.
special cabinets

Special cabinets

Cabinets for any kind of special applications (robots, animal cage, weighing operations)
Customizations and bespoke unit

Customizations and bespoke units

Customized projects and job orders in order to meet and satisfy any customer's specific request
industrial system

Industrial systems

Customized and bespoke units for clean room and pharma industry


Negative and positive pressure glove boxes for cytotoxic and sterilizing applications.