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Forlab Eco

FORLAB ECO is a technical furniture line created in collaboration with companies in this industry with more than 50 years of experience in laboratory furniture.

All the FORLAB ECO line benches are made by assembling modular components that are perfectly interchangeable, replaceable and implementable so that they can easily adapt to any environment of any size and shape.

Thanks to the improvement of production processes, the FORLAB ECO line allows to optimize costs and to guarantee a quality standard in line with the EN13150-2020 standards as certified by Bureau Veritas. 

In the range of benches most used in the laboratory world, we have selected only a few types to optimize processing times.

These benches are prepared and pre-assembled in the production phase allowing the customer to have furniture already prepared in a short time, also improving installation times.

Benches components

The front structures are made of two inverted "U" shaped or two “C” frame shoulders, in tubular steel with very high resistance of section 60x30x2mm treated with epoxy paint thickness 80µ each equipped with two feet.

Vertical columns

It is the fundamental element for housing the service door perforated strips, the fluid door panels, trapezoidal door panels and related accessories, including reagent holders, overhead cabinets, suction systems, etc.
The available heights range from ~ 900 to ~ 2125 in the various applications, the floor-standing beams connected to each other by means of various sheet metal sections, allow the passage of the fluid and electric feeding lines from the floor, sideways to the wall (power supply in series) and from the ceiling, with the consequent adaptability and rationality in the management of plant networks.

At the base there are the adjustable feet for leveling the structure provided with adjustable pin with key and plastic base type PA6 light gray RAL 7035.

For the construction of the columns is used a profile with a section equal to 60x30 thickness 15/10 treated with epoxy coating, thickness 80µ, color SILVER RAL 9006.

Perforated user cross

Made of 15/10 sheet steel treated with epoxy coating, thickness 80µ color SILVER RAL 9006, it is equipped with circular hole 75 mm pitch prepared for the passage of plant lines or the direct housing of taps and electric turrets.

The square drilling allows to access the lower system area for the passage of electric cables and to facilitate the operations of plant engineering intervention.
To cover the holes, specific head covers in RAL7035 light gray plastic material are used.

Service panel

Made of 15/10 sheet metal treated with 80µ epoxy paint, color SILVER RAL 9006, 30° oriented in the direction of the worktop; the particular section of the profile allows to contain the protrusion of the electrical equipment for the benefit of a rational exploitation of the entire surface of the worktop.

Front structure

They consist of two inverted "U" shaped or two “C” frame shoulders in steel section 60x30 mm thickness mm.2 treated with an epoxy coating thickness of 80µ. To the shoulders are applied, through special clamps with hidden screws, three crosspieces of the same section and color painting SILVER RAL 9006. These structures give the bench a perfect stability and resistance to the load that is expressed with a flow rate> to 200 Kg/m2.

The front supporting structures and the technological units are of the modular type, not built or assembled in succession with common elements.

This type of configuration ensures extreme ease of installation and removal of the same (even by non-specialized personnel) with the possibility of recomposing in different configurations without additional expense unavoidable if you adopt solutions with common central elements for multiple structures.

Preassembled workstation

Low-cost benches

Structure strength

EN 13150:2020 Tested by CATAS and certified by Bureau Veritas

Central & wall benches with technical unit cell

Modular Length: 600-900-1500-1200-1800 mm
Worktop modular height: 760-900 mm
Technical unit cell modular height: 915-1800-2125 mm
Depth: 590-750 mm (worktop)
Total depth: 668-828 mm (wall benches) - 1156-1596mm (central benches)
Loading max:. 200 Kg/m2 (C frame) - 400 Kg/m2 (U frame)
Service panel depth: 130 mm
Shelves modular height: 1150-1750 mm

Posforming laminate

Critical substances: Acids in concentrations > 10%

Damaging substances: Concentrated hydrochloric acids, Nitric acid, Heated sulfuric acid
Advantage: Cheap
Disadvantage: Joints sensitive to moisture, Medium chemical resistance
Use: Instrument benches and laboratory benches in the dry area
Cannot be used in a moist or wet area

High-pressure laminate

Critical substances: Acids > 20 %
Damaging substances: Concentrated hydrochloric acids - nitric acid
Advantage: Highly compressed surface structure, High chemical resistance.
Disadvantage: Flat

Ceramic monolith IPERGRES

Use: Chemical, microbiological, genetic engineering laboratories
Critical substances: None (thermal shock)
Damaging substances: Hydrofluoric acid
Advantage: Best chemical resistance, mechanically stable, easy to dispose
Use: Areas with very high chemical and mechanical stress

Stainless Steel

Critical substances: Cadmium, Lactic acid, Oxalic acid
Damaging substances: Compounds containing chlorine and bromine, strong acid
Advantage: Jointless, High resistance to solvents, High-temperature resistance
Use: Biology, Microbiology, Pharmacy, Radio-isotope area, Pathology


Critical substances: Concentrated acids
Damaging substances: Dichlorobenzene pure
Advantage: Jointless, High resistance to solvents, flexible
Use: all laboratory in a moist or wet area

Reagent shelves

The shelves are modular and independent for each work front (in the case of the central benches), are made up of two tubular arms section 30x30 thickness 1.5 mm horizontally connected by thick crosspieces provided with front anti-fall device.
The shelves are directly applied to the floor beams by means of special racks which allow height adjustment with a minimum step of 30 mm.
The special shape of the shelves allows to derive the electric-hydraulic power lines from the ceiling to the technological wall without the latter constraining the height positioning.
The shelves are made of steel profiles treated with 80µ epoxy paint, color SILVER RAL 9006.

Under bench cabinets

Made with waterproof E1 class wood fiber panels covered in SILVER melamine according overall thickness of the panel 22 mm, edging in melamine color SILVER VIVO thickness 0.50 mm.
Doors and drawer fronts with rounded abs edging; drawers with guides and sides in painted sheet equipped with safety catch and double adjustment, hinges with 180° opening and triple adjustment, handles in matt chrome Zama alloy.
Internal shelves that can be positioned in height on several positions by means of four nickel-plated steel pins.

Supported at the base by four swiveling wheels, two of which are equipped with a brake, made of polypropylene, with a dynamic capacity of 70 kg each.